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Customized Automated Buy and Sell Signal Software

Algo Strategy

Here few strategy are their and you can customize number of Strategies 

Multi Leg Strategy

Multi Leg Strategy is designed for smart traders to trade with multiple scripts and get the desired spread. This strategy is capable to place order for 2 leg, 3 Leg and 4 Leg of Options and Futures strategies. This strategy can be used for executing Option strategies, Future-Future, Future –Option, Pair Trading and Rollover.

Scalping Strategy

In this strategy whenever price moves down side it will buy/accumulate and upside sell and vice versa. User can define Start point and entry difference & exit difference, so system keep on Buying defined quantity whenever price goes down and sell whenever price moves up automatically and try to accumulate profit.

Trade with Trend

n this strategy whenever price moves in favour it will start accumulating in every defined price interval and place Stop Loss and trail the Stop Loss User can define Start point and entry quantity & entry difference, so system keep on Buying defined quantity whenever price goes upward

Candle Breakout Strategy

In this strategy system captures the High & Low in given period of time of a candle and place the Buy order 1 tick above the High and Sell order 1 tick below the low of the candle. If any one side order get execute system immediately cancel other side order and place Profit Target and Stop Loss as defined by user.

Amibroker Charting Automation

Smart Executor is a multi client trade execution strategy, which helps trader to intelligently execute Entry-Exit into the market. This strategy has the capability to accept triggers from third-party applications like Amibroker charting software for Intraday & Positional trading.

Excel Based Strategy

Call Executor is CSV/Excel based Execution strategy for traders who generate Entry/Exit or Buy/Sell levels through their own analytic or subscribe to signal providers for Buy/Sell decisions. Through this strategy user will simply provide the trigger levels in a .CSV file & the strategy will accordingly execute the signals automatically.